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We have the edge.  Our experience, locations, network and knowledge make us hard to rival for quality, consistency and impact.  As a British company with a branch in Barcelona we can access the best supplies and talent in Europe and overcome logistical and regulatory issues that can arise from cross-border campaigns.  We study the detail and provide unique options to make events that matter.

We make magic on the move.


We provide every solution for executing seamless, successful international live events, campaigns and roadshows.  ​With extensive experience in experiential marketing for major brands across the broad spectrum of field campaigns, our objective is to create consumer connections that resonate and yield high impact results. We deliver the best in procurement, logistics, compliance and feet on the ground. We aim to reduce waste in geographically dispersed live marketing events, to deliver stunning campaigns with a conscience.  


Your trusted partners for European live event production.

Making Memorable Campaigns

Creating exceptional events that inspire, inform and invoke for ultimate audience engagement.

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